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Intelligent PDUs - EN6000 Series




Enlogic EN6000 Series – Outlet Metered, Outlet Switched Rack PDUs combine complete energy & power metering, environmental & access monitoring, and remote outlet on/off switching to protect and manage your rack environment.

Outlet power-up sequencing protects against inrush current overload and allows users to define equipment boot-up order and timing. While remote on/off control allows authorized users to power-cycle remote equipment and implement rack-level power access controls by turning off unused outlets.

Billing grade watt-hour metering at both the input phase and outlet level provides accurate energy metering data for user billing purposes, PUE level 3 & efficiency metrics, project justification, and capacity management.

Continuous real-time monitoring of every input power phase and each circuit breaker within the rack PDU itself provides advance alarms to warn of potential power issues before they occur and permit users to better balance loads between input phases and circuit breakers to improve both reliability and power efficiency.

Enlogic’s low-profile design and ultra low-profile circuit breakers permit a space-saving fit within your rack enclosure. As many as six external sensor probes can be attached to each Enlogic PDU for a complete remote monitoring and alarming solution.

The enterprise-grade network connectivity allows easy management by HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, or Telnet; while integration with LDAP/S and Active Directory permit easy integration into your existing directory service. Other features including the innovative color coded outlets and circuit breakers, standard locking IEC receptacles, high visibility oLED display, circuit breaker status monitoring, and hot-swappable network management module improve reliability and reduce risks of human error.

EN6000 Outlet Metered, Outlet Switched PDU

CodeDescInputOutlet ConfigurationDocuments
EN6325 Outlet Metered, Outlet Switched PDU
Single-phase 32A input with (18)C13 & (4)C19 outlets
These include a 3.0m cable fitted with either a Captive (AS3123) [IP67], or IEC 60309 [IP44] plug
32A, 1ph 20 x C13, 4 x C19 Data Sheet
EN6808 Outlet Metered, Outlet Switched PDU
Three-phase 32A input with (12)C13 & (12)C19 outlets
These include a 3.0m cable fitted with either a Captive (AS3123) [IP67], or IEC 60309 [IP44] plug
32A, 3ph 12 x C13, 12 x C19 Data Sheet

Other Documents:

enLogic v2.0 series Brochure